About the Charles Babbage Institute

The Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) is an archives and research center that advances information technology (IT) history and the social study of IT by collecting/curating archives and books, and facilitating and conducting research. We are a partnership of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, College of Science and Engineering and Archives and Special Collections, University Libraries. Our unparalleled collections—from personal papers of top scientists and institutional records of corporations, and professional and trade organizations to materials on social issues—span the globe.

CBI’s research and editorial leadership—many scholarly books and articles as well as public history—focuses on IT and gender, political economy, business/industry, computer science, AI, security and privacy, regional advantage, users/HCI, historiography, and archival theory/practice. CBI also has a top oral history program, and conducts major sponsored history projects for NSF, DOE, Sloan, DARPA, ACM, NEH, and others.

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